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Global Underground 21 CD cover

Deep Dish – Global Underground 21: Moscow

Posted by Jeffrey Rooks on October 30, 2001
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Category: Music Reviews (CDs/DVDs)
Deep Dish Moscow is the definitive GlobalUnderground release. It picks up where every previous GU has left off. Full of dark deep tracks, sexy, silky melodies and a presence that will seduce you, Deep Dish produce a mind-blowing set that is both prolific and understated. Stark, haunting vocals radiate from a hale storm of beats and pulsating rhythms. Bass permeates slowly from he void, moving in like a tide until it crashes down upon theRead More
Cream CD cover

Sandra Collins – Cream

Posted by Jeffrey Rooks on October 23, 2001
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Category: Music Reviews (CDs/DVDs)
You might just want to stare at her tits, but Sandra Collins has skill, presence and a steely cool attitude. This mix, recorded for the legendary Cream series, is a stark, throbbing rocket ride. It starts slowly, almost painfully so, with tribal drums and airy synths that eventually compound into a thriving, hard-hitting maelstrom. Sure, there is an ebb here and a flow there, but this isn’t candy trance. If you’re looking for sirens andRead More
Room for Squares CD cover

John Mayer – Room for Squares

Posted by Jeffrey Rooks on September 18, 2001
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Category: Music Reviews (CDs/DVDs)
After considering John Mayer’s first disc, Inside Wants Out, Room For Squares is a disappointing effort from an amazingly talented musician. Now, that’s not to say it’s horrible; it’s still a decent work, but it just lacks the emotional element that Inside had. There is just a little too much “pop,” a little too much filler; there is just too much of everything and all at the wrong times. Simplistic songs like “My Stupid Mouth”Read More
Gargantua Soul - Impact CD cover

Gargantua Soul – Impact

Posted by Joshua Jesty on September 11, 2001
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Category: Music Reviews (CDs/DVDs)
These guys are tight. I just had issues with the sound being so consistent that I couldn’t tell some songs apart from others. This record was the type of record that is executed very well, but didn’t fully capture the songs. They’re being performed as separate parts almost, and I imagine now that they’ve been playing them live for awhile, they’ve become songs. The artwork and the font chosen for the record don’t do muchRead More

07.06.2001: Domain Cleveland presents Stepsister with Healers and Hurricanes @ No Excuses

Posted by Larry McCloskey on August 1, 2001
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