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The Mirror Conspiracy CD cover

Thievery Corporation – The Mirror Conspiracy

Posted by Jeffrey Rooks on August 22, 2000
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Category: Music Reviews (CDs/DVDs)
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The Mirror Conspiracy CD cover

Somewhere between drum and bass, ambient, and trip-hop lie Washington DC’s Thievery Corporation. Their eclectic release, The Mirror Conspiracy, is not your average electronica CD. Full of smooth grooves, down-tempo beats, deep bass and wistful vocals, they perform lounge music for the electronic generation. It is as much an experiment as it is a celebration of music.

The Thievery Corporation’s unique sound is comprised of a wide variety of musical styles that have been fused with down-tempo drum and bass. Smooth jazz, soulful horns, and deep bass lines permeate nearly every track on this album. Most intriguing is the influence of techno-blues, a little known genre defined by composer Richard Hartley, which creeps into several of the disc’s funkier cuts.

The highlight of The Mirror Conspiracy is easily “Focus on Sight,” a silky piece that is pure techno-blues. Punctuated by syncopated drums, deep, muted bass lines and funky horns, it is almost impossible not to move in rhythm with this expertly crafted work. Much like the entire album, this track was built for smoke filled, dimly lit lounges where people of all backgrounds groove to soulful, loungy house.

Whether it’s the smooth bass and sitar riffs of “Lebanese Blonde” or the sultry French lyrics of “Le Monde,” each and every track will wrap you in a warm blanket of ambient soul. Latin Samba beats, smooth jazz, spacey melodies and grooving down-tempo make The Mirror Conspiracy a necessity for any fan of loungy house. For the rest of you, don’t fear the unknown; the pulsating rhythms of The Thievery Corporation will overtake you.

The Mirror Conspiracy

Rating by Jeffrey Rooks: 4.5 stars

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