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Amnesiac CD cover

Radiohead – Amnesiac

Posted by Jeffrey Rooks on June 5, 2001
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Category: Music Reviews (CDs/DVDs)
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Amnesiac CD cover

If Kid A was the concept, Amnesiac is most certainly the production demo. Radiohead has perfected its brainchild and produced an album that is slightly more manageable. This is the simplified version, not quite ready for mass consumption.

Amnesiac should be consumed on the same level as it?s forefather, as a canvas designed to be seen in its entirety, and not just a compilation of songs. And yet, it is easier to separate and dissect. Soft curves and radical lines have been replaced with ones that are more ridged, less free.

That’s not to say this newfound structure is bad; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The solidification of this style will open doors for others looking to expand the horizons of music and, in this idea, Radiohead will be revered by an entire generation of musicians.


Rating by Jeffrey Rooks: 4.5 stars

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