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Global Underground 20 CD cover

Darren Emerson – Global Underground 20: Singapore

Posted by Jeffrey Rooks on July 10, 2001
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Category: Music Reviews (CDs/DVDs)
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Global Underground 20 CD cover

Darren Emerson’s second Global Underground release is even funkier than his first. He has also perfected his electro sound, using funky, futuristic electronica to offset the tribal rhythms. As a DJ, he has expanded his ability to create progressive sets and to shape the sound of his set in order to work the crowd. His Singapore set is an extension of his earlier Uruguay release, complete with even more electro rhythms and Andies Mountains influenced beats.

And he has accomplished all of this while still using several tracks that are in almost every DJ’s bin. The one-two combination of A2’s Do You Like the Way You Feel When You Shake? and Hatiras’ Spaced Invader are a perfect example of Emerson’s more mainstream record usage. However, don’t allow this to poison your mind; his track selection is no testament to his skill level. His mixes are top notch and often times they are so subtle that some last for nearly half of the record.

Disc one begins with a hearty, tribal feel and then moves towards progressive, electro-house. His love for Medicine is appear, using two of their funky electro records to kick his set up a level or two. Their track Junior Aspirin starts the electro phase with a jump start of electricity and then he uses Universal Personal as a lull before he really lets loose. However, it’s Thee Cat in Da Hat’s Thee Rush that really defines the first disc. It’s simplistic electro, drum and bass sound allows Emerson to return to a funkier rhythm.

The second disc begins with an ambient air; Emerson allows almost two minutes to pass before he begins to slowly bring the beat in. He uses Circulation’s Magenta to build up his electro-flavored set and allowing it to merge with Interactive Night by George T, a funky, bass driven house track. For this disc, he moves with more casual, flowing movements and overall, the set is more relaxed. He ends the compilation with his own remix of Laurent Garnier’s Man with the Red Face, a track that is purely driving, funky, electro.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on progressive house, look no further than Singapore. Darren Emerson is a DJ fueled by a zest for fiery electro cuts and a flair for tribal beats; his merging of tribal and electro house is virtually unmatched in the industry. Emerson’s Singapore compilation is an expertly shaped progressive trip that moves full-force into ground rarely covered by DJs of his caliber and it proves, once again, that GlobalUnderground finds the very best talent in the business.

Global Underground 20: Singapore

Rating by Jeffrey Rooks: 4.0 stars

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