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Infamous Football-Themed Punk Band DEAD SCHEMBECHLERS Release “Harbaugh to Hell”

Dead Schembechlers - Harbaugh To Hell

The legendary DEAD SCHEMBECHLERS, who this year celebrate their 25th anniversary of skewering MICHIGAN WOLVERINE football in favor of their beloved OHIO STATE BUCKEYES, will release their latest opus, “HARBAUGH TO HELL” on Halloween 2015.


The song will be available via iTUNES from the their own FLAMING WOLVERINE DEATH RECORDS. Ittells the story of the group dragging current Michigan head coach JIM HARBAUGH thru a portal gate beneath Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, down to a fiery afterlife of pain. This particular Hell is a Hieronymus Bosch-ian landscape of demons roasting former Michigan head coaches on spits that go “round and round.” An accompanying lyric video is now available on YouTube (


A portion of the proceeds from the song’s iTunes sales will be donated to THE BO SCHEMBECHLER HEART OF A CHAMPION FUND. “We wanna help keep Wolverine fans alive long enough for them to die of embarrassment after we kick their asses across the field again this year,” chortled the band members.


Of their mission as a group, singer BO BIAFRA says, “For a quarter of a century, we Dead Schembechlers have taken it upon ourselves to use music to fight the evil, arch-rivals of Ohio State. We will stop at nothing to eradicate them from the Earth. It’s Harbaugh in Hell on Halloween!


Regarding the current rankings, BIAFRA adds, “While we revel in Ohio State’s #1 position, it’s chilling to see #15 Michigan with exactly 666 points in the current Associated Press rankings. We believe this to be a sign from the heavens of a Satanic influence over Ann Arbor. Our struggle against them is nothing less than a Holy Pigskin War. Death to the Wolverine Infidels! Woody Be Praised!”


The band consists of Biafra on vocals, BO THUNDERS on guitar, BO VICIOUS on bass, and BO SCABIES on drums. They are named for late Michigan coach BO SCHEMBECHLER and take their sartorial cues from late Ohio State coach WOODY HAYES. The group exploded on the Wolverine Hatecore music scene in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio in 1990 with the nineteen-second anthem “I Hate Michigan.” Their HATE MICHIGAN RALLY, held only on the eve of the yearly Ohio State vs. Michigan game, has often degenerated into pitched battles between fans of the Buckeyes and Wolverines. One performance led to the storied HIGH STREET RIOTS OF ’96, where the band battled National Guard units amidst clouds of tear gas and piles of burning couches. The group was then banned for several years from performing within the Columbus, Ohio city limits. They have shocked audiences on HBO, ESPN, and other media around the world with their blind hatred of all things from Michigan.


DEAD SCHEMBECHLERS believe that most everything bad on Earth is the work of what they refer to as THE INTERNATIONAL WOLVERINE CONSPIRACY. At its center is a cadre of University of Michigan graduates bent upon world domination and set up of THE NEW WOLVERINE ORDER. The band believes this group is headed by political firebrand ANN COULTER, a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, and includes numerous other famous Michigan alumni. They contend this conspiracy is responsible for the Kennedy Assassination, Global Warming, and the god-awful holiday music of MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER.


Cover art for the release was done by ALAN MACBAIN. It was produced by the band at CURRY HOUSE RECORDS in Columbus, Ohio with engineer MIKE LANDOLT. Mastering by BRIAN LUCEY at MAGIC GARDEN in Los Angeles, CA.


The group had planned on a gig this year in Ann Arbor, but no area club would allow them to play due to threats of violence and mayhem. “Looks like no gig this year,” said BO BIAFRA. “Maybe we’ll just show up and piss on the side of the Michigan Stadium. At least it will make the place smell better.”


For more information on DEAD SCHEMBECHLERS, visit:



Hammerfall Mentioned During Curling Event At 2010 Winter Olympics

Mark Morton of reported that during Sunday night’s (February 21) women’s curling match between USA and Sweden, Swedish melodic metallers HAMMERFALL became the unlikely topic of discussion on CNBC television.

At 11:22 p.m. ET, in the beginning of the sixth end, Colleen Jones was commenting on how much she enjoyed the curling montage of various teams
screaming when Andrew Catalon piped in, and the following conversation ensued.

Andrew: “If you really want to see something fascinating, I suggest you go to YouTube, and type in ‘Hearts on Fire’ and ‘curling,’ because just prior to the 2006 Winter Olympics, Anette’s [Norberg] team was featured in a rock video for this Swedish heavy metal band HAMMERFALL. The song is ‘Hearts on Fire’. The team takes on the band in a curling game, and then the curlers –
this team – starts singing while they’re sweeping! So that is a must-see
video! I’ve watched it!”

Colleen: “Is there a future for them as rock stars? They’re already rock stars, but could they be other rock stars?”

Andrew: “Well, it turned out to be a good luck charm; they went on to win a gold medal!”

Colleen: “Yeah, I was asking Anette the other day, ‘Hey, any more rock videos for you?’ Nope, they haven’t had any more offers since then.”

Andrew: “Going out on top, obviously.”

Eva Lund of the Swedish curling team told Reuters in a February 2006 interview, “We loved [taking part in the video] and it gave us energy. The
HAMMERFALL band was fantastic and they are cheering for us and writing e-mails to us when we are here,” she said after Sweden beat Norway 5-4.

In the video, which can be viewed below, the team arrives for a match in a dingy rink to be confronted by their opponents: a wild-haired, leather-clad heavy metal band with dubious curling skills.

The women sweep to victory – aided by an on-ice drum kit – but not before they have morphed into leather and chain-clad singers themselves.

“Hearts On Fire” comes off HAMMERFALL’s 2002 album, “Crimson Thunder”. The track was reissued as a single in Sweden in January 2006 to give a “boost” to the team as they prepared for the Winter Olympics in Turin.

“The video was a blast to record, an attitude shared by everyone involved. The result is an amusing and, for us, a little unusual video,” stated HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak at the time.

Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton To Participate In Racing Event This Weekend – May 2

This Saturday, May 2, LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton will be taking part in an NHRA racing event in St. Louis, MO in support of race car driver and metal fan Shawn Langdon. Morton will be there at the starting line for Langdon’s races at the O’Reilly NHRA Midwest Nationals Presented by Castrol at GIR.

“I’m thrilled about my upcoming trip to the O’Reilly NHRA Midwest Nationals!” said Morton. “As a life-long race fan and a drag racer myself, I couldn’t be more excited at this opportunity to get an up close look at some of the world’s greatest drivers and crews going head to head.”

“I actually have their new album ‘Wrath’ on my iPod and I listen to them before I race to get me pumped up,” adds Langdon. “Ever since I found out about this visit, I’ve been excited. At least the loud noise won’t be a problem, but I bet we’ll still send a shock any way. It’s impossible to prepare for 8,000 horsepower and I can’t wait to get ’em on the starting line and show them what we do.”

Mark Morton has always been a huge car enthusiast and even races competitively as his touring schedule allows. His favorite car he owned growing up was a ’71 Oldsmobile 442 he restored with his family. Morton now races an ’81 Oldsmobile Cutlass that clears the 1/4 mile in just over 11 seconds in bracket racing, a form of drag racing. He has become friends with several professional drivers including Scott Wimmer and Justin Marks, and, as a NASCAR fan who never misses a race, plans to continue supporting motorsports as much as possible.

LAMB OF GOD is on a headlining tour to support their latest album, Wrath, which debuted at #2 on Billboard. The tour also features As I Lay Dying, Children of Bodom, God Forbid, and Municipal Waste.

The Coppolas Set To Perform The U.S. National Anthem At The Indy Firestone 200 Race On July 12

Kate and Kacey Coppola, known to fans of the hit CMT reality show Can You Duet? as The Coppolas, will perform the National Anthem, which will be broadcast live on ESPN from the Nashville Superspeedway during the 8th Annual Firestone Indy 200 IndyCar Series Race on Saturday, July 12th. The live race coverage will kick off with the National Anthem at 7:45 pm ET/ 6:45 pm CT.

In addition, Kate and Kacey Coppola will perform a pre-race concert for fans beginning at 6 pm ET/ 5 pm CT at the south end of the Nashville Superspeedway grandstands.

Originally hailing from Denver but now proud Nashville residents, twins Kate and Kacey Coppola, charmed audiences with both their powerful harmonies and sweet spunk on CMT’s Can You Duet? — singing their way to the semi-finals. The duo’s debut single, “You’re Not My Judge,” inspired by their experience competing on the hit tv show, will be released on Big Machine Records later this summer.

Gifted songwriters, Kate and Kacey penned the song “House With No Doors,” included on George Strait’s current hit album Troubadour.

For more information on Kate and Kacey Coppola visit:

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