Randy Blythe – Lamb of God Interview (Dark Days book)

Dark-Days-My-Tribulations-and-Trials-306Maximum Threshold Radio’s Jeff Blackburn snags this exclusive interview with Lamb of God’s frontman Randy Blythe. Talks about his experience in the european prison and his book “Dark Days” and much more.  A nice psychological and thrilling interview.

Interview was originally aired on the 7/18/2015 weekly edition of the Maximum Threshold Radio Show. Click the play button on the youtube video to hear the interview.

Lamb of God : Official | Twitter | youtube | Randy’s Page

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Destroying Cleveland: Interview with Matthew Greenfield


Please state your name and what do you do?

My name is Matthew Greenfield.  I do music journalism, writing, film making, and I used to do hip hop music for years.  In my spare time, I do nerdy shit like watch wrestling and horror movies.

How long have you been involved in the music scene and what prompted your journey?

I started attending punk and hardcore shows in Youngstown, Ohio,  during my sophomore year of high school. My junior year I bought a bass and sang vocals for a grindcore band called Combat Shock with my friend Jonah “Grimy L” Smith.  After that I formed a group called King of Noise Guitar. It was a different lineup at every show. I think some members of Crowd Deterrent even subbed in a few times. We were so bad. I started rapping at the end of my junior year. I was listening to Too Short and would just freestyle about doing nasty shit to my friend’s moms, just really lewd sex rap stuff. I noticed that I could pretty much freestyle for an hour straight so I started taking it more seriously. To make a long story short, I had a pretty decent run as MC Homeless. I got to play rap shows all over the world and even in crazy places like Ukraine and Russia. Quit doing that a few years ago and totally lost interest.  Rap shows are fucking corny.  I also played in a few other metal/hardcore/grind type bands over the years but none of them really released much music.

Why Destroy Cleveland, shouldnt we be building it up?

You must destroy to rebuild. Really though, it’s an H-100s song.


But seriously, what motivated you and your colleagues to put this project together?

My love for the bands and their rotten attitudes.  Integrity is one of the most fascinating bands I can think of.  H-100s too. The people have absolutely wild stories that almost sound fictional. We have video proof to back them up though!  Riots, trashed venues, skinhead violence, fireworks, fights, you will see it all.


What are you hoping people get out of this documentary?


First off, I want them to be entertained and not bored. That should be the main goal of every movie.  I also want them to know that with bands like 9 Shocks Terror, Integrity, Confront, H-100s, Inmates, etc, it’s hard to find another city that has that many unique and brilliant hardcore bands.  I also want folks to empathize with the people on the screen. I didn’t make this movie for the bands to relive the glory days…or gory days. I guess would be more fitting. I didn’t make this movie just for people who hang out at Now That’s Class (best bar ever, by the way). I made this movie for EVERYONE. It would be cool to see bands pop up in Indonesia that sound like Cider or Apartment 213. This isn’t some bullshit inside joke project just made for people in Cleveland and their friends to watch. I think this is actually a really powerful narrative.  These bands happened out of desperation, violence, and boredom. Only a select few in Cleveland really understand but the rest of us get a little peek into a world of madness.

Have you done your best to include ALL the bands and people that played a part in building this scene, or is this just going to be the Tony Erba variety show? Not that it wouldn’t be entertaining in it’s own right.

It actually is the Tony Erba variety show and next week he will have the Cowsills, Wayland Flowers and Madame, George Kennedy and Jan Michael Vincent as his guests. Seriously though, who has been in as many bands as Erba?  He started with LEK in the 80s and then formed Face Value. After that we have H-100s, 9 Shocks Terror, Stepsister (with members of the Guns), Gordon Solie Motherfuckers and more. The dude is a living manifestation of Cleveland hardcore and the DIY punk life. He will never drop out or go away. Of course he’s going to be a huge part of this documentary.  With that said, what would a Cleveland hardcore documentary be without all of the original members of Integrity and Ringworm? We got ’em all. Integrity is THE band. There music will last forever and always sound timeless. Dwid could give two shits about Cleveland hardcore but he’s still in the movie and did a really great interview. He just has other things going on these days that are more important to him.  I totally understand and respect that. I like Dwid.  Tony Pines from One Life Crew is another lifer. He’s in there. Paul Schlacter is there and is in some of the best bands I have ever heard, period. We have Frank Novinec who not only did legendary work with Ringworm and Integrity but has also played in Terror and Hatebreed. Charlie Garigga moved away after Outface but he’s a lifer too. Charlie has played in Civ, Quicksand, and Judge. Those are bands that have made quite the impact.


Who have been your favorite people to work with on this project?


Everybody has been great. Steve from 9 Shocks/Homostupids was an exceptional interview. He has a really different and unique perspective.

Which people have surprised you the most? Or totally weren’t what you were expecting them to be?


I thought a lot of the guys would be assholes but everyone is cool. They all have personality quirks but who doesn’t?  People built Dwid up to be some five headed monster but he’s really easy to talk with.


What are 3 bands that you think kids should be encouraged to listen to before they can graduate high school? What books or movies have changed your life?


From Cleveland HC or in general? Cleveland HC would be Integrity, Confront, and 9 Shocks Terror. In general, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, and Kool G Rap.


Bands and musicians that changed my life: Motorhead, Integrity, 9 Shocks Terror, H-100s, Black Sabbath, John Carpenter, Crass, Black Flag, Slayer, Spazz, Man Is The Bastard, Hawkwind, Rakim, Mos Def, Freestyle Fellowship, EPMD, Isaac Hayes, Inmates/Cider, Ye, Kool  Keith, The Cramps, Ceschi Ramos, Joy Division, Prince, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Cro Mags, Discharge, King Crimson, Roy Orbison, Poison Idea, GISM, I could seriously go on and on!


Movies that have changed my life: The 400 Blows, Paris Texas, Buffalo ’66, The Brown Bunny, the work of Robert Bresson, John Luc Godard, Francois Tuffaut, French New Wave Cinema, Italian Neorealism, the DIY filmmaking of Lloyd Laufman and Troma, shot-on-video 80s homemade horror movies, Abel Ferrera’s work such as MS 45, King of New York, and The Bad Lieutenant, Martin Scorsese films like Goodfellas, Mean Streets, Raging Bull, etc. Nick Zedd and the cinema of transgression, John Waters, LuisBunuel, Dario Argento’s early work, John Carpenter and especially the first two Halloween’s, and also bad public access tv, trash culture, b movies, The Munsters, shitty 80s sitcoms that are forgotten like Small Wonder. My brain is all over the place. Love pop culture.


What truly inspires you or pumps you up every morning when you start your day?

I listen to 90s hip hop every morning in my car.


Are there any causes or organizations you strongly support and encourage others to take the time to look into?


I’m not much of a political activist but I respect people that work against police brutality and homophobia.  Doing work and housing battered women is pretty important too. And when is someone going to stop these rich, white assholes that keep hunting elephants and giraffes. Put these jerks in their place. Organize!


What are 3 things that you’ve taken in or made into a daily habit that encourages you to kick more ass throughout your day?


I make a point to be polite and nice to everyone I meet unless they are rude and provoke me. I will shake anyone’s hand and look them in the eye. It’s also important for me to communicate daily with people that ask questions about the movie or express interest. I do not have a rock star attitude.


If more people wanted to learn more about you guys and your art where would you encourage them to go?

Peep my website and holla at me on the Destroy Cleveland Instagram. Also doing the twitter thing @mchomelesstwit . Cant and get event tickets for the July 24th premier here

And finally are there any shout-outs that you’d like to give anyone at this time?


Jorge Matthew Delrosa and Colby Grimes are my partners in this film. I can’t thank them enough for helping my achieve my dream. I do all the interviews and I’m the public face but they bust their asses daily and want to help make this the most incredible project possible.


Bill interviews Mattie Montgomery of For Today

Matty Montgomery

  • Please state your name and what do you do? My Name is Mattie Montgomery and I’m the vocalist for the band For Today.
  • Where is your group from? And what other opportunities would you have had there if you didn’t choose this path? Well the band started in Sioux City Iowa, although I did not live in Iowa, I moved there to join the band. I was living in Columbus, Ohio at the time and to be honest if I hadn’t of joined the band I probably would have finished school and gotten a degree in education and probably be a high school English teacher and a soccer coach right now.
  • How long have you been involved in the music scene and what prompted your journey? I guess I started playing music in 2001 but I joined For Today in 2007. It’s kind of always been a part of who I am, been a part of the dream. I always wanted to see if people would pay attention to music that I made. So in 2007 after I came to Christ and after I came back to playing music, I thought well if I’m going to do it, this time I’m going to do it for God. Instead of playing music to get girls or get attention or whatever I’m going to do it for a REAL reason and that’s what inspired me to join For Today and do what I’m doing now.
  • What are 3 pieces of advice that you would give to younger musicians? Play good music. You can’t succeed on heart and good intentions alone. It really, really helps. Not to say that you have to play good music because Lord knows there are plenty of people out there who don’t. But it helps if you play good music. You may be real good looking and charismatic and fun, but if you’re good looking, charismatic, fun, and you play good music then that’s one more thing going for you. Spend your time making friends not fans. People don’t want to support rock stars who act like they are too good for everybody, they want to help make dreams come true. And if you’re genuinely thankful for the attention and the time for the people that are with you it shows and translates in your character the way you treat your fans. Treating them more like friends instead of fans. And third, don’t let your band become your identity. None of us are going to play music forever and the last thing the world needs are more dudes who’ve let their success go to their heads. So we as musicians need to remember I’m not Mattie from For Today in my own mind, I’m Mattie the friend, the son, the husband, the father you know so I’m not really worried about proving myself as Mattie from For Today all the time because to most people I’m just a guy and I want to be faithful to what God has called me to be in every arena instead of just being a band guy and trying to cling to that identity for the rest of your life.
  • What are some things that have surprised you and/or still surprise you in the music industry? I guess one thing that still surprises me about the music industry is how close knit that it is. You have to know somebody to know somebody to get your foot in the door. It’s basically impossible to play in a band that makes good music and get your band signed without getting the attention of some people that have connections and get them behind you and to believe in what you’re doing. That is basically something that has surprised me.
  • What are 3 bands that you think kids should be encouraged to listen to before they can graduate high school? Wow, that’s good. This is not music that I might like endorse outright, but I think for the historical value and cultural relevance I think Bob Marley, The Beatles, and maybe Ray Charles.
  • What books or movies have changed your life? I read a book one time called Wild at Heart by a guy named John Eldridge and I thought it was really incredible. I probably read it about 10 years ago but that book was really amazing and it sort of helped me figure out what it means to be a man. What that means? How I find my identity? And how I can live out what I have in my heart? While still being true to the standard that God has called me to. Yeah that book has changed my life a lot.
  • Where do you draw most of your inspiration when writing music? Really from all over the place but at the end of the day when I write lyrics I think I am writing lyrics that God wants people to hear, if that makes sense. I’m thinking what is it that I could say that is going to impact our generation in a positive way? I see kids at shows that inspire me to write songs. I read kids Facebook posts that inspire me to write songs. I read fans e-mails that inspire me to write songs. And really it’s just the people that are listening to this band, that are part of this community, the subculture of this generation, that’s the thing that inspires me I think more than anything.
  • I really love the new album and love the attention that you guys have brought to sex trafficking with Fight the Silence the video. I’m a Father of 2 daughters and I’m going to school and this topic was researched and came to find out that Toledo, Ohio is one of the biggest HUBs for this and people don’t talk about that, it’s just something they want to ignore and I really respect you guys for bringing attention to this issue. So on that note Are there any causes or organizations you strongly support and encourage others to take the time to look into? Yeah there’s an organization called the A21 Campaign that, speaking of human trafficking, is an organization that helps fight that. And people can go to for more information about that. It’s an incredible organization that we are glad to be associated with.


  • What are 3 things that you’ve taken in or made into a daily habit that encourages you to kick more ass throughout your day? Morning Prayer time. First thing my mind is on God and what his design is for my day and breakfast. Yes Breakfast has changed my life and I will wake up early to make sure that I have time to eat a decent breakfast. And exercise, I work out and lift weights every day. I always feel weird if I don’t get a chance to lift.
  • If more people wanted to learn more about you guys and your art where would you encourage them to go? and they can get everywhere from there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube you name it and we got it.
  • So here’s a question I really want your input on, recently Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying who claimed to be a Christian all of these years, what do you think of his claim that all of these Christian Metal bands are NOT really Christians? I think that is 100% true! Jesus said that we would know people by their fruit and I’d say most of the members of Christian bands that I have met are no different than anyone else that I have ever met. They are not about seeing people get saved and encounter God, they just want to play in a band. Nothing against that but the reality is that these guys don’t live for the glory of God, they just live to play music. From what I understand, As I lay Dying started as a Christian band that fell away and never publicly came out and said “By the way we’re not Christians anymore” and I think that’s the case for a lot of guys. They believed in God but maybe didn’t have a firm foundation in faith or maybe they did have a firm foundation in faith but for one reason or another they fell away but they had a crowd that expected them to be Christians and they just allowed them to keep believing that and haven’t done anything to correct the situation. At the end of the day instead of pulling back the curtain and exposing all of these guys that are sneaking in under the Christian radar, I’d rather just do my best to be an example of what a REAL Christian looks like. And hopefully people can respect that and hopefully I can challenge guys in bands that are popular or may be popular that if I’m going to claim to be a Christian then I’m going to live for the glory of God because that’s what it means to be a Christian.
  • Well I’ll just get into my story real quick. I’ve been doing this Domain Cleveland thing for years and have made friends with many popular bands and lived the lifestyle. When you hang with Rock Stars you want to be a Rock Star. For a number of years I was taking advantage of the “rewards” of drugs, drinking to excess, womanizing, all while I had 2 kids at home that I was neglecting. I was in the military reserves and got called to the Middle East and after witnessing some angel flights I had a revelation that if that were me in that coffin then what would my daughters remember of me? That’s when a seed was planted in my head. I came home and my relationship with my kid’s mother fell apart as she found out about my years of infidelity and drug use. I felt like I was losing everything. I came up broken physically, spiritually, and broken emotionally. I was raised Catholic but never had a relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally I ended up at a service with some family members to support them and the Pastor that was speaking it felt like God was talking through him, directly to me about my lifestyle and I broke down in tears at the church. I spoke to the Pastor afterwards and gave my life to Christ. This was 2009. So I got my daughters involved and we started going to alive festival every year which is where I got to see you guys. I’m coming up on 6 years of sobriety, involved with some Men’s groups at my church, I just got my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and am working part time at a children’s home by my house.  All of that because God has transformed my heart and continues to work on me. But I must say that coming from the Heavy Metal world and hearing you guys and you glorifying God with your music it reaffirmed for me that I can do this Christian thing. That’s awesome. And I see you up there rocking and praising God, stepping out in rough environments to glorify the name of Jesus from the stage or in the crowd and that fire you have motivates me but lately I’ve been fearing I’m backsliding. I went overseas to a war zone voluntarily but here in my own country I fear stepping out with my faith. And I’m asking how I get to that level. I’m 41 years old and I’m trying to raise 2 daughters and be a Godly influence and I just wish I had the courage and fire that you do. So how did you get there? And what would you recommend for me?  Well you know I used to joke for years that I couldn’t cheat on my wife if I wanted to, I couldn’t flirt with a girl if I wanted to because I can’t have a conversation for more than 5 minutes without bringing up Jesus or talking about my faith. If I ever walked into a strip club I’d be getting a lap dance and say “so do you know Jesus?’ And it’s the truth, I’ve been so desperate to see people come to know Christ that there is just nothing else to talk about. And I think one of the practical things that has really helped me is making sure that the people closest to me are the kind of people that encourage and challenge me to be that way. Whether it’s my Pastor, my best friends, my band, my wife. The people that are closest to me and that I spend the most time talking to always want to hear “Did anyone get saved today?” So throughout the day I’m thinking yes I want a story to tell them so I’m out there sharing my faith trying to see what God wants me to do because obviously I want to see people come to know the love of Christ but also because I want a cool story to tell my friends when I get home. So that fellowship and church family has been a huge benefit to help me stay focused and stand solidly in spite of all the temptation in front of me.
  • Like the one verse that speaks on the company you keep. Yes, Bad Company corrupts good character.
  • So I’ve watched a lot of your videos on YouTube and would love to bring you in to my church to speak to the youth. How would we go about making this happen? I have an assistant that works my booking stuff and you can send her an e-mail at you just go there and there is a contact form you fill out. Yeah being a single Dad, I have a heart for kids and I notice that most Dads are not doing what they are supposed to be. There are more boys than there are men. They are not stepping up and taking on their responsibilities and you see that when you walk the crowds here at Warped and you see the results. It breaks my heart and I want to have the courage like you do out there, like when you said on stage today that no one is too broken to be saved. I look at my own past and all the mistakes that I made but I no longer dwell there, I look back with gratitude for the things I’ve been through since coming home because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.  So yeah I would love to bring you in to speak.
  • Now this may seem kind of weird but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind praying for me for these struggles with my faith, to step up courageously, protect my children, be an amazing Dad to them and then hopefully be blessed with an amazing, Godly woman someday. That sounds like a great prayer, Amen! Ha-ha, just hearing you out there today I thought it would be cool to have Mattie pray for me. Yeah man, let me do it.

Mattie went on to give me an amazing prayer that I will forever be grateful for but because of Matthew 6:5-7 I will keep his prayer to me between us. I truly hope I made a new friend this day.

Robert Rolfe and Chris Batten from Enter Shikari

Robert and Chris from Enter Sikari

Domain Cleveland’s Tim Rader interviewed Robert Rolfe and Chris Batten from Enter Shikari. Talking new records, proper pronunciation of Rou Reynold’s name, and being from not quite London.

Martin Stewart from TERROR

Martin from Terror

Domain Cleveland’s Tim Rader interviewed Martin Stewart from TERROR at this years Vans Warped Tour July 17, 2014.



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