Headbanger’s Ball Will Get A Taste Of “The Sound Of Truth” From As I Lay Dying

Grammy nominees, AS I
LAY DYING’s brand new video for “/The Sound Of
Truth/,” the newest single off of their album, AN OCEAN BETWEEN
US, will be debuted on MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball over the
next few weeks.

Directed by Brian Thompson, who helmed their futuristic clip for
“Nothing Left,” the video for “The Sound Of
Truth” was made at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, CA and is a
continuation of the story the first video initiated. Like it’s
predecessor, the story for this video was conceived by the band,
fine-tuned by Thompson, and displays the irony and hypocrisy that
takes place in a decaying futuristic society.

A clip of the video will see its initial debut on[1] on January 11th along with a special
commentary from vocalist, Tim Lambesis. The video will air in full on
the site on January 17th. The on-air debut will be on MTV2’s
Headbanger’s Ball on January 19th.

“Onstage, As I Lay Dying’s music is all about impact:
double bass drums pummeling at tachycardia-like rhythms, “says
the NY TIMES. “(AILD) kept its songs eventful; each tempo
change, and there were plenty, had the visceral effect of a sudden
gear shift…the Nokia floor was in happy turmoil.” Fans
continue to experience this ‘happy turmoil’ as the band
continues on the road with August Burns Red, Evergreen Terrace and
Still Remains.

Caedmon’s Call Gets Major Exposure With Their Single “Ten Thousand Angels” Featured On The Hit Television Show “Grey’s Anatomy”

Caedmon’s Call’s lyrically compelling song about redemption,
“Ten Thousand Angels” will receive a rare and lengthy place on an upcoming episode of the ABC
hit drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” on January 10th. Featuring vocals by Derek Webb, the song
will play for five consecutive minutes during an emotionally charged final scene.
In order for the song to fit the length of the scene, an extra minute was even edited in, and with
lyrics including ‘so lift up your heart now, to this unfolding, all that has been broken will be restored,
here runs deep waters for all who are thirsty, love has come, love has come for you’, its use on one
of television’s biggest shows is especially uncommon.
“It’s an honor to be asked to help carry some of the emotional weight of a powerhouse show like
Grey’s,” says Webb. “ I think the spiritual significance of a song like “Ten Thousand Angels” will
have some really special chemistry with what is bound to be an important episode in the season.”
“Ten Thousand Angels” is a bonus track on the group’s current release, Overdressed, which was in
the top 5 (no. 5) of iTunes Editorial list of 2007 for overall “Best Christian Albums”. For three days
only, catch a sneak peek listen to “Ten Thousand Angels” at this link:
For the latest information on all things happening with Caedmon’s Call, check out their official
website ,,

Fiction Plane’s Appearance On David Letterman Cancelled Due To Writer’s Strike

Bieler Bros. Records is disappointed to announce that Fiction Plane’s
upcoming performance on “The Late Show With David Letterman” has
officially been nixed due to the ongoing Writers Guild strike.
Although disappointed by the cancellation, Fiction Plane are looking
forward to rescheduling the appearance as soon as possible.

Fiction Plane have spent the majority of the year in the midst of an
amazing, seven-month, arena and stadium, world tour with music
legends, The Police. The record-breaking tour is set to continue in
February when it’s Asian leg kicks off. Fiction Plane are currently
rounding out 2007 with a series of headline dates in support of their
critically acclaimed new album, “Left Side Of The Brain”. Released in
the spring of 2007 through Bieler Bros. Records, “Left Side Of The
Brain” features the international, top-ten, smash hit, “Two Sisters”
and the politically charged, anti-war anthem, “Death Machine”.

The 2008 World’s Strongest Man Contest Rocks Out Loud And Hard With New Soundtrack

Wind-up Records and IMG Media have announced the release of
the inaugural soundtrack for THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN franchise, airing
on ESPN and ESPN2. The title will be available exclusively through
Amazon upon release.

The 11-song release features the following track listing in running
order: 12 Stones “Adrenaline,” Korn “Hold On,” Seether “Out Of My Way,”
Hatebreed “Never Let It Die,” Shadows Fall “Redemption,” Every Time I
Die “We’rewolf, ” Underoath “Writing on the Walls,” Submersed “Better
Think Again,” Mastodon “The Wolf Is Loose,” Hurt “Ten Ton Brick,” and
“Strongman” (The World’s Strongest Man Theme) performed by Bruce
Aronson. The selection number for this release is 60150-13139-2.

The compilation was produced by Wind-up Records’ Bill Richards and
Gillian Morris, alongside IMG Media’s Steve Mayer and John Sands who are
executive producers on the project. John Babbitt from Tsunami
Entertainment served as a consultant.

12 Stones’ “Adrenaline” will be the theme song for this season. The
Mandeville, Louisiana-based quartet signed to Wind-up Records was filmed
recently in Baton Rouge, and this footage will be cut into the program
as the opener of each episode. The individual episodes will also
contain a thirty second music video of each individual track featured on
the soundtrack utilizing scenes from the competition. The artist and
label will be chyroned on-air.

Steve Mayer, IMG Media’s Senior Vice President, U.S. Production said,
“The World’s Strongest Man competition is one of IMG Media’s most
popular and longest running global television events. We are so
gratified to be working with Wind-up and all the talented artists on
this soundtrack project. It is our hope to expand the visibility of The
World’s Strongest Man and this music is a perfect partner for this high
energy sports show.”

Wind-up Records SVP, Marketing Bill Richards shared, “The World’s
Strongest Man is a powerful brand in the marketplace that we are
thrilled to be a part of. The Wind-up acts, and those on other labels,
were all excited for the opportunity to be a part of this. IMG Media is
a great company, and we look forward to additional initiatives in the

The 2008 season of The World’s Strongest Man will premiere on December
26, 2007 on ESPN2. From 6:00 p.m. until midnight that day, ESPN2 will
broadcast a marathon of episodes from this year’s competition.

Throwdown “Holy Roller” Video Premiere

*THROWDOWN’s* new video for “Holy Roller” will make its debut on
Headbangers Ball (MTV2) this Saturday, December 1, so get ready!
Singer Dave Peters said “Andy did an exceptional job of reading in
between the lines of the lyrics and meaning of the song and
translating it into visuals centered around a really imaginative
storyline. “Holy Roller” in particular is a song that we don’t want
taken for face value, so it was very important to us that the images
for it were just as accurate as they were powerful. The song speaks
to the nature of hypocrites and their proclivity toward punishing the
rest of the world for their own skeletons and insecurities. It’s a
hostile song with a lot of energy. Andy’s shots and editing lended
itself real well to that.”

Meanwhile drummer Ben Dussault said “Even though snakes are pretty
cliche right now… they just look so brutal in the right video! PS.
no animals/insects/critters were harmed during this process, just
band dudes! Enjoy.”

Throwdown will head out on a HUGE US tour this winter, stay tuned for
an official announcement!

“/Venom & Tears will most certainly be the metal album of the year./”
– Live Metal

“/THROWDOWN are here to keep this goddamned scene real and unfold
their brutality! One of the top 5 releases of 2007./” – Metal Temple

“/Venom & Tears’ is Throwdown’s finest effort yet. Storming!/” – Rock

“/Upbeat and almost angrily careless, “Venom” is an anthem for a new
era in history and music./” – The Metal Union

“/Venom & Tears’ is a brilliant album from start to finish./” – Live
For Metal

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