02.24.2006: The 5th Annual Domain Cleveland Suicide Prevention Benefit with Nothing Blue, This Mourning Memory, Who Killed Marilyn, Rely and Pine Tree Riot @ The Hi-Fi Concert Club

Once again, Domain Cleveland called upon the Cleveland faithful to lend their time, talents and support to the Ryan James Bailey Permanent Endowment at the Berea Children’s Home. Once again, the call was answered.

Pine Tree Riot was a late substitution on the bill, but you’d never know it. The brought a swagger and a presence to the stage like they were destined to be there. They rocked out with a sound somewhere along the lines of Hawthorne Heights. This was the first I had seen these guys, but if I have any say in the matter (and I do) it won’t be the last. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Next up was Rely, who took a more straight up hardcore approach to their music. They mixed in a lot more high-end stuff than your standard hardcore act, giving them a sound along the lines of Hopesfall or Thrice and were solid but not particularly innovative. If you’re looking for some good post-hardcore, give them a listen.

Few bands can pull off the post-hardcore screamo sound quite like Who Killed Marilyn? They mix in some anthemic riffs with their breakdowns and come up with a sound that falls somewhere between emo and nu-metal but somehow do it in a good way. Just go see them play out and you’ll see what I mean far better than I can explain. They put on a good show with some good music and if you’re lucky you’ll get their “Heartbreaker” cover.

This show also marked the debut of This Mourning Memory, the latest supergroup to emerge from the streets of Cleveland, featuring former members of A Colder Year, Audiblethread, Shenoah and Switched. If you were a fan of those bands, you’ll definitely appreciate this project. If you weren’t, you should have been. Regardless, you need to check these guys out. They’ve got the pedigree and the tools to make a lot of noise on the Cleveland scene and if this night’s performance was any indication, then that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

Wrapping up the evening was Nothing Blue, a straight rocking band with a sound that approaches Our Lady Peace. The sound was a bit of a departure from the heavier sounds that dominated the rest of the evening, but provided a nice cap to the night. These guys have always played a great set when I’ve seen them and continue to refine what was already a solid formula. If you’re looking for a band to just go out and listen to when you’re out on the town, then these are the guys for you.

All in all, the evening was a rousing success in every sense of the word. The music was good, the club was packed and everybody had a good time checking out the bands and supporting a great cause.

10.30.2005: Domain Cleveland’s Devil’s Night @ The Hi-Fi Concert Club

Photo by Matt Glad

The Hi-Fi in Lakewood was the spot for Domain Cleveland’s Devil’s Night Party. Not only was there great music, but the Hi-Fi night club was covered in flat screen televisions constantly showing the recently released The Devil’s Rejects. What else could be more appropriate for this year’s Devil’s Night? The Bill.

There is no better way to spend Devil’s Night then with some of the greatest metal and industrial bands in the Cleveland area. With bands like Who Killed Marilyn?, Keratoma, and In Winter, what could go wrong?

Although, there were some technical difficulties with the microphones sporadically throughout the night, this did not tear any of the intensity or dynamics that each of these bands brought to the stage. At one point, Chris, the lead singer of Keratoma, was screaming into his beer bottle. Eventually, these problems were figured out and each band put on a great show.

Who Killed Marilyn? was the first to take the stage. They got the night off to a good start by jamming out to a power packed set. After Who Killed Marilyn? Finished there set, Keratoma took the stage. The band was energetic and kept the crowd moving with great riffs, beats and powerful vocals. Plus, when other then Devil’s Night can you see some of Cleveland’s finest metal musicians dressed up in skirts and a tutu. Keratoma was just altogether pure entertainment.

To close out this Devil’s Night Party, the metal/industrial music of In Winter entertained the crowd with dark and enchanting vocals of lead singer, Kara Hill. In Winter had great stage presence and an original sound that could captivate any audience.

If you have not checked out any of these local Cleveland bands, make sure to check their websites for upcoming shows.

Who Killed Marilyn?


In Winter

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