CD Review – Queensryche – “Condition Hüman” (2015 Century Media)

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Queensryche – “Condition Hüman” (2015 Century Media)

by Dom Rini

Queensryche are back at it once again but with La Torre taking the lead on a full length release and the expectations are pretty high and the bar has been raised. For the most part everyone who has seen Queensryche since he jumped on board has given him the thumbs up and has accepted him wholeheartedly. At first there were many who were dedicated to the original lineup and that sound. But make no mistake with Todd La Torre ripping the vocals he has not let anyone down and has continued to give Queensryche a positive take, unlike the predecessor. The last release “Queensryche” offered the fans a glimpse into what the band was going after, and it wasn’t a new sound, it was the classic sound that made them who they are, too bad that release was so short.

“Condition Hüman” comes at you with an older vibe but a really smooth and well orchestrated sound.The guitars and vocals are extremely prominent and the all-around sound is at its true best. When listening to Condition Human I got the vibe of the “Rage for Order” in a few of the tracks. The vocal arrangements are extremely powerful and lyrically top of their game.

Tracks to listen to “Arrow of Time” this track really sets the stage for this release. “Guardian” has that classic Queensryche sound to it. It could have easily been an extra track from “Empire” this has to be my favorite track off this one. LaTorre really does a great job at this one. “Selfish Lives” also has that classic vibe to it and will have you singing along with it. “All There Was” is a guitarist song. Some great riffs and the solo’s are really memorable. Its one of the more powerful tracks off this one.

Overall: With this being a release with Todd La Torre on it to deliver and the band continuing to forge on it is easy to give this one a 9/10. This is a great Queensryche release. It has the power to really stick in your mind and to listen to over and over again. There are a lot of little things added to this release in the recording that keeps you listening and paying attention to it. Would have really like to hear more heavier tracks, hopefully the next release will explode!

“Condition Hüman” track listing:

  1. Arrow Of Time
    02. Guardian
    03. Hellfire
    04. Toxic Remedy
    05. Selfish Lives
    06. Eye9
    07. Bulletproof
    08. Hourglass
    09. Just Us
    10. All There Was
    11. The Aftermath
    12. Condition Hüman

“Queensrÿche” sold around 13,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 23 on The Billboard 200 chart.

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