Brimstone Coven leaves Beachland Ballroom Tavern in awe with performance

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Photo courtesy of Jeremy Schindorff








BRIMSTONE COVEN – show review Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland)

Show review by:

Jeremy Schindorff

(“NWO METAL Militia”)

BRIMSTONE COVEN is yet another perfect example of why LIVE music cannot be topped.

I went to the Beachland Ballroom in East Cleveland to see one band in particular and walked out of the show with more ear sex than one person should be able to enjoy! Anyone that knows me and my affection for metal also knows that of all sub-genres, slow, riff loaded “DOOM/SLUDGE” is my proverbial “Jam.”

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Schindorff

Well to get to my point, Brimstone Coven added another dimension to what I had already considered a perfect genre. Three part harmony over top of some REAL basement dwelling DOOOOOM with a definite pinch of blues sprinkled here and there. That’s what they brought…….and that’s what I ate up like it was the last musical supper!

“Big John” Williams is out front of this quartet with truly great vocal control and crowd interaction that one should look for if you’re out to be entertained. (And he sports a pretty cool NES game controller tattoo on his left forearm)

To his left is a Les Paul being commanded by the skilled riff heavy hands of Corey Roth. This dude completely understands that less is more in music. (I totally mean this affectionately) He lets each note smack you in the grill and allows for them to develop in your ears before giving you another to taste. (This is an art that not all possess)

Photo courtesy by Jeremy Schindorff

On the opposite side of the stage is the man that lets you know “HEY, YOU’RE AT A ROCK SHOW!” Andrew D’Cagna defines showmanship! (Seriously….look that shit up) He slaps, plucks and just plain beats the tar out of what appeared to be a Rickenbacker, but I couldn’t get a good look at it, Andrew NEVER stops moving! AND THEN……..he adds the third part of the harmonious excellence to what John and Corey have already thrown down.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Schindorff

In the back producing all the thunder is the stick wielding beard of Justin Wood. He is a huge compliment to Corey’s style as well. He lets the auditory system savor minute breaks and doesn’t feel the need to oversaturate you with continuous triplets and constant double kick. When he does add them, they seem SOOO powerful and necessary.
If you dig doom (and really…who doesn’t) these cats are a fucking must. Go to a show, buy some merch, like there steller self-titled album or one of their killer 70’s vibe t-shirts. If you do so…… will officially be one of the cool kids… me! Bravo you talented bastards!!


Brimstone Coven

“Big John” Williams – vocals
Corey Roth – guitar
Andrew D’Cagna – bass
Justin Wood – drums

Brimstone Coven – FB
Brimstone Coven Live in Cleveland at the Beachland Ballroom Tavern

Brimstone Coven is a retro-hard rock / doom band from Wheeling WV. They created their personal blend of “Dark Occult Rock” in the early months of 2011.

Corey Roth (Guitar) wrote the first five songs, which would later become the bands self titled album, and hand picked three seasoned musicians from the area’s scene… Andrew D’Cagna (Bass), Justin Wood (Drums), and “Big John” Williams (Vocals) to carry out his plan for sonic domination.

Echoing the eerie reverberations of hard rock heayweights such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, mixed with the Classic Rock style of Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd, Brimstone Coven has created a Vintage sound and style all their own.

Recently, with many shows, two albums, and a third album in the works (III) the band strives to reach a wider audience and secure a spot among rocks greatest. Look for Brimstone Coven to make a name for themselves in the near future!

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