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Red/ Demon Hunter Run & Escape Tour 2014 with Veridia and Impending Lies

_DSC5597 _DSC5603 _DSC5614 _DSC5622-2 _DSC5631-2 _DSC5645-2 _DSC5648-2 _DSC5651 _DSC5653 _DSC5665 _DSC5672 _DSC5676 _DSC5680 _DSC5682 _DSC5688 _DSC5710 _DSC5717 _DSC5732-2 _DSC5766 _DSC5774 _DSC5786 _DSC5803 _DSC5812 _DSC5817 _DSC5827-2 _DSC5832-2 _DSC5851 _DSC5882 _DSC5887-2 _DSC5917-2 _DSC5928-2 _DSC5952-2 _DSC5990 _DSC5991 _DSC5994-2 _DSC6017-2 _DSC6026 _DSC6036-2 _DSC6043-2 _DSC6045 _DSC6054-2 _DSC6070 _DSC6074 _DSC6077 _DSC6091 _DSC6101 _DSC6105 _DSC6154 _DSC6177 _DSC6214 _DSC6225 _DSC6310 _DSC6333 _DSC6342 _DSC6364 _DSC6384 _DSC6405 _DSC6419 _DSC6420 _DSC6461 _DSC6501 _DSC6523 _DSC6535 _DSC6541 _DSC6558 _DSC6580 _DSC6620 _DSC6629 _DSC6640 _DSC6648 _DSC6720 _DSC6930 _DSC6933 _DSC6939 _DSC7009 _DSC7036 _DSC7052 _DSC7054 _DSC7168 _DSC7183 _DSC7212 _DSC7217Great show at the Agora August 6, 2014. Local act Impending Lies opened and impressed! Veridia was a wonderful act as well. Demon Hunter crushed the Audience. Red closed out with a powerful performance!

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