CrashDollz – self-titled

CrashDollz CD cover
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CrashDollz CD cover

Remember when rocking out meant having fun? CrashDollz does.

“Dumpster Punk” sets the pace and tracks like “Sugar Rocket” (albeit a bit unfocused at times), “I Will Not Be Ignored” (even if the open does get a bit repetitive) and “Wrecking Ball” follow suit. This is funtime rock in the vein of those classic bands like Jackyl. You sort of knew you weren’t going to get sweeping epics and that some of the songs may have some warts, but that was sort of the point. This is music to drink to a scream along with at the bar. “Female Anarchy” has more of a throwback sound to it, a la The Sweet. That irreverent approach comes out as well through some underlying punk sensibilities in tracks like “27 Tulip Pass” and “Bad Taste Barbie”. Again, though, this is fun. Less Sex Pistols, more The Offspring.

That’s not to say that these gals (and guys) are a one trick pony. “Dollhouse” is a moody atmospheric mon ster that would stick out like a sore thumb if the song wasn’t so damn good on its own. It veers off into uncharted territory, but you don’t even mind because of the ride.

Does it all work? No. “Novocaine” is too smart for its own good, changing pace in the middle and coming across as forced, and “U.S. Punk Bombs” mistakes being under-produced for being raw. But that same rawness makes even the bad tracks work on some level because they play with a sort of garage band vibe.


Rating by Larry McCloskey: 3.5 stars

At its best, this album is raw and untamed, at its worst its unpolished and unfocused – throughout it is fun and visceral. Rock and roll used to be about fun and in the heyday of the 80s glam and sleaze scenes, it was one big party. These dollz are here to crash that party.



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