Eight Feet Deep – self-titled

Eight Feet Deep CD cover
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Eight Feet Deep CD cover

Eight Feet Deep answer the age-old question of what would happen if Chris Cornell had joined the early (pre-hair band fame era) version of Whitesnake.

The impressive thing is that with a short (four song) disc, Eight Feet Deep are able to show a pretty wide range of sounds without losing sight of the unifying blues rock style. “Leader” starts things off with a bit of a funk style, reminiscent of Clutch. “ThrowDown” is more straightforward and up tempo, calling to mind the resurgence of blues rock in the 1980s with bands like Great White and Whitesnake. “My Friend” plays with a heavier vibe a la Pat Travers. The one song that sticks out is “No Regrets”, a light and pop-styled track that is surprisingly airy and upbeat; it works, though, harkening back to classic blues/boogie rock acts like Little Feat.

These guys do a lot with only four songs and to a great degree that is because of Mike DiMeo’s powerful vocals. That’s not to take anything away from the instrumentation, but with the exception of “No Regrets”, the musical stage set for each song is largely similar – it’s DiMeo’s ability to wail, croon and everything in between that remake each song into something other than “the next blues rock track” on the disc.

This four song disc is a look into a tighter, more powerful sort of blues rock – something deeper.


Eight Feet Deep

Rating by Larry McCloskey: 4.0 stars

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