The Wolfman

The Wolfman movie poster
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Director: Joe Johnston
Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins
Runtime: 102 minutes
CARA Rating: R for bloody horror violence and gore

The Wolfman movie poster

First off, I liked this movie. It definitely didn’t suck. The over all look was great. Dark, foggy, gloomy, very cool. It has a very classic feel to it. There was a good share of gore, but not over the top, and the CG was used fairly tastefully. Rick Baker did a knock out job with Wolfie’s make-up.

It was an updated version of the original and I thought it looked great. Very bad ass but not cheesy. The story stayed pretty close to the original, which was the intention, but threw some cool twists and a few other things to fatten up the original story. But, one thing I did like that kept akin to the original, is that it started quick and ended quick. There wasn’t a lot of overly dramatic bullshit to slow the film down. I thought the acting was pretty good. Del Toro did a good job as Larry Talbot. He’s not going to win any awards but he fit the part very well. Anthony Hopkins did a good job as well, turning in a typical Anthony Hopkins performance, which for this type of role is perfect. The supporting cast did a fine job as well.

Basically, this was a very good remake. It stayed true to the original and that’s what I was looking for. I’m sure that 70% of the audience have most likely never seen the original and since everybody these days is used to over the top effects, the fact that I didn’t hear any snickering from the younger viewers – because The Wolfman’s “classic” look – I thought was a good sign that it was done well.

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