The Brew Kettle

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Upon getting our table at the Brew Kettle ( we had a glance at the long list of beer, and realized it was as good a time as any to call a designated driver. The list is not only long, but also full of info to help you make your choice on the right mix of barley, hops, and flavors. From the darkest brown to a pear flavored brew that almost looks like a glass of water The Brew Kettle seems to have a beer for every taste.

We decided to try a sampling of beers and see what we found to our liking. Of course there is rarely a time that the word “beer” is uttered and we don’t enjoy. The first round was ordered with a plate of nachos (Not Cho Platter with pulled pork: $7.99). The beers we ordered were: Ringneck Copperhead Red, Ommegang Irish Stout, Bell’s Double Cream Stout, Wyder’s Pear Cider, and for good measure a Straub. These beers were part of the “B” sampler that cost $1.25 each sample.

As we awaited the first round of samples we checked out the menu, which definitely strays from the “typical” bar menu. Sure you can order yourself some wings and a burger if you so desire, but with this great selection of beers you can get a little creative by matching the right food with the right beer. The Brew Kettle offers entrees like: The Cajun Cornmeal Crusted Catfish (9.99), Smokin’ Burrito (7.99), Barbequed Spaghetti (9.99), and many others.

You can also order from their burgers, sandwiches, and starters menu, each having a good selection to change things up and again match your beer with your food. I decided on the Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich (6.99), which also includes a side dish of your choice from about 5-6 different choices. As I ordered the skin-on-fries to go on the side and was happy to see the nachos and first sampler had already arrived!

The other twist I haven’t mentioned yet is that The Brew Kettle not only has food, drinks, and a live band tonight, but you can also sign up to brew your own beer on the premises and choose from over 70 recipes to make! Though I wasn’t ready just yet to sign up don’t be surprised if the second review isn’t far behind when we sample the beer we make ourselves!

Between the three of us at the table we polished off the hearty Not Cho Plate with greedy eyes. The nacho plate itself was large and they definitely do not skimp on the pulled pork! There were large chunks of moist, tasty pork mixed with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and sour cream all on top of a large plate of nacho chips. Near the end we had to slap each other’s hands out of the way to get the last few chips. It’s not often that appetizers challenge for the food highlight, but these nachos are making a good case for themselves.

We finished sampling beers just in time for the meal to arrive so we each ordered our own beers to enjoy with the food. I went with the Bell’s Double Cream Stout, which ended up being my favorite sample, and is now a new favorite of mine.

The portobello mushroom sandwich was large and delicious and was just different enough from the norm to excite the taste buds without needing any large doses of spices or exotic sauces to make it stand out. The fries were above average which is good because let’s be honest it isn’t easy to get excited about fries these days.

Discussing our experience on the way home we compared more details and though the price to drink and eat at The Brew Kettle maybe a little more than your typical night out – we all agreed we left overly stuffed and completely satisfied. Between the three of us we each had 3 or 4 beers, the plate of nachos, we each had a sandwich/dinner, and the five part sampler I had as well and the total rang up just under $70 plus tip.

If you are sick of the same old beers, and the same old bar food you need to stop reading right now and head to The Brew Kettle! And if you want to go brew a batch of beer that tastes like the Bell’s Double Stout email me!

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