Night Town

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Sitting on top of Cedar Hill at 12387 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights is a great entertainment experience; Night Town, which offers everything from a large bar to chill out and have a good martini, a lovely restaurant with stained glass, lead and etchings making this a classy place to dine and a lively jazz club to check out the best modern jazz artists both nationally and internationally known.

Deep wooden tables with bold linen napkins simplify the elegance of the place situated with dim lighting giving it a romantic tinge. Night Town offered many choices of appetizers to start off a great meal.

Items such as fresh whole artichoke steamed in herbed vegetable broth ($4.50,) old Chatham cheese plate; four ounces of fresh Camernbert with candied walnuts and fresh fruit ($11.95,) Night Town steamers ($4.95,) mussels and middle-neck clams in white wine broth (mussels: $8.95, clams: $11.95,) prawn cocktail ($11.95,) Halloumi Kebobs; Cyprian sheep & goat’s milk cheese, with grilled vegetables and chive oil ($9.95,) calamari; sesame crusted with a honey-wasabi sauce ($9.95,) Pancetta Shrimp; served with caper vinaigrette, roma tomatoes & garlic bread ($9.95,) Chesapeake crab cake; with roasted corn & chipotle mashed potatoes, and sweet rernoulade & chipotle honey sauce ($11.95) and Crab Louie; Chilled jumbo lump crab tossed with traditional louie dressing, seal lions, and bell pepper and Served in a halved avocado shell.

I chose the Halloumi Kebobs and they had an extremely smoky taste from the sheep and goat?s milk cheese combined with the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, onions and mushrooms drizzled with chive oil.

Two generous kebobs that laid parallel on my plate were enough to hold my appetite until I selected my entree for the evening. But before I chose my dinner; I tried one of their many selections of martinis. I had a vanilla martini served in a traditional martini glass filled slightly to the top with Stolly vanilla vodka, vermouth and perhaps fresh vanilla making it a refreshing drink for a hot summer night.

Night Town has a fully stocked bar with everything imaginable for your distinctive taste. Night Town had so many delicious items to choose from their diverse menu.

Several selections they had to choose from are trout almandine; pan-seared, boneless filet of rainbow trout with toasted almonds, fresh vegetables and a baked potato ($17.95,) filet mignon with a Tarragon-roasted shallot demi-glace, roasted potatoes & braised Swiss chard ($29.95,) veal meatloaf with mashed potatoes, vegetables and a Madeira mushroom gravy ($12.95,) Chevre Chicken; roasted chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, roasted shallots and walnuts served with a sun dried cherry compote, saba balsamic syrup, mashed potatoes & asparagus ($16.95,) Atlantic salmon with a roma tomato vinaigrette, rice pilaf and vegetables ($18.95) and the specialty of Night Town; Dublin Lawyer, lobster meat saut?ed in a cayenne butter cream sauce with mushrooms, shallots and Irish whiskey served over rice pilaf ($22.95.)

I ordered the Atlantic salmon, which had a light tomato vinaigrette that flavored the fish nicely, but the crust they had on the salmon was too tart and unsavory. The steamed green beans and carrots with the rice pilaf were a good compliment with the salmon dish; too bad the coating they put on the salmon dulled my senses. Thankfully, I had my vanilla martini to wash away the pain.

Night Town also offers many beautiful, yet simple desserts to make that sweet tooth of yours shut up and smack you upside your head. They offer such classic recipes like apple pie, apple bread pudding, hot fudge sundaes and key lime pie to the inventive such as the macadamia chocolate pie.

I ordered the macadamia nut chocolate pie and it was fabulous. Cookie crust filled with a decadence of chocolate, macadamia nuts and a whipped cream laced with chocolate shavings. A slice of this with a good cup of coffee made for an excellent ending to a pretty good meal.

Night Town is the perfect combination of a great restaurant and a lively jazz bar. But I suggest to bring plenty of money with you because a typical dinner for one would cost more than $50 and if you bring your sweetheart or a couple of friends, it may get pricy, but it’s worth the expense of staying in one spot for dinner and a show.

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