Roly Poly Sandwiches

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I recently visited the brand new Roly Poly Sandwiches shop in Strongsville. While they call themselves a sandwich shop, everything is actually served wrapped up inside of a flour tortilla. This is not only an interesting division from the typical sandwich, but is a great alternative to those watching their carbs.

Located at 14092 Pearl Road, Roly Poly offers fifty different types of cold and hot sandwiches, included numerous types of chicken, turkey, veggie, beef, ham, pork and seafood. For a counter service restaurant, the service is surprisingly upscale.

As I was surveying the expansive menu, the manager asked if this was my first visit to a Roly Poly. As it was my first time, the manager offered a full explanation of their menu, pointing out their sandwich selections as well as their soups.

I decided on the #23, Key West Cuban Mix, a hot sandwich based around slices of pork, ham and turkey topped with cheeses, veggies and dressing. My friend decided on the #38, the Hickory Cristo an upscale version of an old favorite, featuring melted brie and smoked turkey breast.

After paying, we got our drinks and sat down in the small dining room to wait for our custom made meals. Our sandwiches arrived hot off the grill in less than five minutes.
My Cuban sandwich was incredible; the cheeses were melted and the meats were warm and savory. The side of honey mustard made an excellent dipping sauce that accentuated the flavor of the sandwich. Warm smoked slices of turkey breast and a blend of soft, melty cheeses made up my companion?s Cristo.

All of Roly Poly’s sandwiches come in two sizes and toppings can be modified to suit. Their regular sandwiches range between $3.25 and $3.95 and their large sandwiches range between $5.25 and $6.95. In addition, they also serve soups, sides and chips, as well as offer an huge assortment of party trays.

Roly Poly is definitely the perfect alternative to the typical sandwich shop and it will take more than one visit to experience all of their tasty creations.

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